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    multiple users support

    oleung Level 1

      Hi ,


      I am required to install CFB 3 to support multiple users access on a development environment.


      Developers are working on a same server. Once the CFB 3 get installed, only the admin user can run the program but no other.


      Whenever the CFB 3 starts, it showed an error message below.



      Locking is not possible in the directory

      "C:\ColdFusionBuilder3\configuration\org.eclipse.osgi", A common reason is

      that the file system or Runtime Environment does not support file locking for

      that location. Please choose a different location, or disable file locking

      passing "-Dosgi.locking=none" as a VM argument.

      C:\ColdFusionBuilder3\configuration\org.eclipse.osgi\.manager\.fileTableLock (Access is denied)



      Any clue on how to get this fixed.