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    Help!! How do I set a boundry for an MC


      I have a map that I have made dragable and you can zoom in and out. The map sits under a mask. I would like when a user zooms out(or in) and drags the MC that it not break the area of the mask (I don't want to see behind the map). Any suggestions? I am on a deadline so any help would be helpful.
      thank you : )
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          you probably shouldn't use a startDrag() because you can't limit the drag-rectangle dynamically. if you have a limited number of magnifications you could still use several startDrag() statements with the limits determined by the magnification but this wouldn't be the best way to proceed.

          you can use an onPress to initiate a loop (like setInterval()) that would check the maps position and if within the allowed range have it follow the mouse movement. use an onRelease to terminate your loop.