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    Windows 8 / pen tablet incompatibility


      I'm coming from Photoshop CS3 on Win 7, which worked completely fine with my pen tablet (Bosto Kingtee 19MA), up to CS6 in Win 8.1 on a new computer.

      The problem is: The pen works in literally every single application on this new system except Photoshop CS6 (not kidding, it even works in games). I'm pretty certain that this is a compatibility issue with a pen driver within Photoshop which is overriding the standard Windows Pen Tablet driver. And I was wanting to know how to disable the Photoshop pen driver and force it to use the standard Windows driver.


      Now for specifics:
      - Updating the pen tablet driver is not an option. Bosto appears to have no intention of releasing another driver for this tablet model and the existing driver mostly uses resources already in windows for settings, calibration and etc...

      - The behavior of the pen in Photoshop is consistently different from the behaviors detailed in the windows settings (and the behaviors in other windows applications), which is why I'm sure that this issue has to do with a setting of some kind in how Photoshop is configured.

      - The cursor follows the pen on-screen, but does not respond correctly to contact or the operation of the secondary click button on the pen within only the Photoshop window. I've tried this with a separate mouse unplugged and also plugged-in and there was no change in behavior.


      What I've done:
      - Reinstalled the pen tablet driver with the latest (dated May 2013)

      - Restarted the computer
      - Checked the windows pen and tablet settings.

      - Verified that those settings are being ignored by Photoshop

      - I'm presently avoiding reinstalling Photoshop because it was just installed. The pen driver was installed prior to Photoshop, and reinstalled after. There was no change in functionality.
      - I've attempted to update Photoshop but it is reporting that the servers are down.
         - Related: I've manually un-blocked Photoshop from Windows Firewall - and there was no change.


      So I'm wondering if there is an update or patch which allows Photoshop to use the standard Windows pen driver (even at the cost of pressure/angle resolution), a config file I can edit to make it look at a different driver, or is there something else I can try.

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          For others who may encounter this issue:
          These are the steps which I found worked:


          1. Search C:\ for "wintab32.dll", this is a Wacom driver packaged with windows (I thought it was the Windows Standard pen driver, but it is not!). You must remove this .dll file for the Bosto Kingtee 19MA tablet to work in Photoshop CS6 in Windows 8 or 8.1.
              Also: There are two instances of this file in windows! Be sure to only remove the one in Wow64, not the one in the System32 directory. (I'm using a 64 bit OS, and       I'm not going to make any assumptions about this situation in a 32 bit environment.)
          2. Run the TouchPanel Bosto driver installer again, this replaces the Wintab driver... apparently somehow...
          3. Manually Install the following updates for CS6: (do not use the Application Manager, it doesn't seem to catch these updates (on my system at least))
          (Starting from the bottom with and going up in order by date)

          Adobe Photoshop update for CS626.2MB11/7/2013
          Adobe Photoshop update for CS626.1MB6/3/2013
          Dynamic Link Media Server 1.0.1 Update for Windows36.5MB10/8/2012
          Adobe Photoshop update for Adobe Photoshop CS622.6MB9/27/2012

          4. Restart Computer after the update per the dialogue box's request.

          5. After the update is installed, the Bosto tablet should be working in Photoshop and Win 8.1!


          Important Note:

          Pressure sensitivity-controlled brush size might not work particularly well, HOWEVER the pen input appears sufficiently functional enough for applications such line work and basic tap-equivalent-to-left-mouse-click functions (which is all I need it to do anyway). There may be some other settings pertaining to pressure gradients, but at this point I'm just glad to have this input tool back!