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    Why does the Contents pane of my WebHelp output not display when I 'view result' in IE


      I have RoboHelp 9. For the past few weeks, when I generate my WebHelp outputs and choose 'View result', the locally compiled output shows a blank Contents pane when viewed in my default browser, Internet Explorer 11. However, I can successfully view locally in Chrome or Firefox, and, when published, the contents pane views fine online.


      I have other issues that may or may not be related. I have recently had to rebuild two separate projects, because one dropped many of the baggage files, whilst another dropped all but two of the images. I had to go back and re-import the lot in each case.


      When this first happened, I wondered if the project was corrupted, and I tried a technique I picked up a while ago, involving removing the xpj and cpd files from Windows Explorer, and attempting to restore from the *.FPJ file. However, I get a message saying 'This file is not an HPJ file. Please select an HPJ file to open'. The project does not have an HPJ file! So I had to rebuild the project.