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    Bone tool knee joint not moving


      Hello Im new to this forum and Im trying to make a simple animation in flash. I created a small eyeball character with stick legs. The character must be walking so I made a separate symbol for the walking animation. I converted the stick legs into fills so that the bone tool can be applied. I applied the bone tool to the leg, with a joint in the middle so that it has knees. But once I move the leg by clicking and dragging the ankle joint (the last joint), the knee joint never moves. It only moves like when you apply free transform then rotate. But when I enlarge the leg, I can freely move the knee joint. Even though I made the same or a smaller leg in a different file, the knee joint also moves. Only the character's knee joint won't move. Its like Flash doesn't want me to walk the character. I wouldn't change its size, its going to be out of proportion. Any help would be appreciated. Im using Flash CS5