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    How to remove page breaks in converted document

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      This is probably more a Microsoft Word problem, but it started out as an InDesign document, so I thought it wouldn't hurt to post the question here in case someone else has encountered a similar problem.

      I formatted an epub on Amazon for my job. Since I am more familiar with InDesign, I used it along with Amazon's script to turn it into an epub.

      Since then, I've noticed the cover has inexplicably rotated 90 degrees on Amazon. I asked about it in Amazon's forums, and they said InDesign isn't really reliable for epubs.

      So I'm trying to recreate everything in Word. The original Word document isn't up to date with all the editing and corrections I did, so I exported each InDesign chapter document into a PDF, then used Adobe Acrobat to save each PDF as a Word document.

      Some of the resulting Word documents seem to be littered with multiple page breaks and/or section breaks. I'm able to delete most of them, but some of them fall right in the middle of a sentence and won't delete. I've selected the paragraph icon in the ribbon to turn on invisible characters, and I can't see a page or section break indicated in most of these breaks.

      Anyone know what might be causing these and how to delete them?

      Maybe I should just copy everything from my InDesign documents and paste them into Word instead?