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      Hi, I'm using this dock project: os x dock in flash
      to make a timeline. Im replacing the icons with year dates 1999 2000 2001 etc... (which i've done)
      I have a movie clip that is all the info on one graphic that scrolls up or down. Understand. Like one long slide, up or down.
      When I click on a year I want the corresponding year in the long slide to slide into place (with easing).

      Go to and stop function just skips everything and stops, and goto and play is also wrong. I also want it to speed into it and then slow down
      a bit like this one but with no bottom slider, just buttons for each year...

      you can quite clearly see at the top my tweens for the text slides and the bottom, the date numbers. I want these buttons to smoothly scroll the timeline back and forth, pushing the slides up and down. (smoothly)

      here is a screenshot of my stage
      any ideas guys?