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    Me again - quality issues.


      Hi - I've just shot a lot of footage on my Panasonic HC V700.


      I shot it at 1080/ 50p (I think I probably had better results with one of the 1080 50i settings but completely forgot to change it) I can't reshoot as there's lots of green screen footage and other stuff that I can't do again.


      It looks fine when I play the files on my laptop but when they're imported into Prel 11 they look awful. I'm using project settings - AVCHD 1080p 60fps because that seemed the closest one to the way the camera had shot it. It's very grainy when I go full screen and very juddery despite being rendered. I will be uploading it to Vimeo but will also need to burn it onto DVD at some point to be shown via DVD players. It will also probably need to go on a USB stick at some point. I've read the help FAQs on project settings but that hasn't really helped.


      Can anyone help?