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    Reverse timeline conflict with MouseEnter/Leave and Click

    Feloxor Level 1

      Hello everyone !


      First, i'm sorry for my bad english, i'm working on it every day


      I'm doing a website with Edge Animate and I have a conflict between two actions :


      I have a Symbol with a MouseEnter/MouseLeave effect which make visible a text : when i enter in the effect zone the text appear and when I leave it, the text disappear.

      I want to set a "Click" action on the same Symbol. When I Click on it i want to play Reverse (like the MouseLeave) then jump to another timeline trigger.


      The problem is that make a conflict between the "click" and the "mouseEnter" because both of them are trying to do the exact opposite things. Click make the text disappear and "mouseEnter" make it visible !


      How can i deal with that ?


      Thank you very much for your time