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    Images caption auto numbering

    sebdea Level 1

      Hi there,


      I have a book in InDesign CC. I set level 1 headings down to level 3 with auto numbering and they work just fine. Now, starting with chapter 2 (paragraph style named Level01) I have some images that I want to have caption auto numbered as follows: Abb 2-1 - where 2 is the chapter 2 and 1 is first image in that chapter. Then they must go as follows: Abb 3-1, Abb 3-2 etc.


      Each chapter has its own page numbering such as 2-1, 2-2, then 3-1, 3-2 etc. All are fine except captions.


      What I did, based on Help I found in InDesign:


      I created a Paragraph Style, I went to Bullets and Numbering, and set a new List named Captions. In there I checked only Continue Numbers Across Stories. I left Level as being 1. I set the Format for numbers.and at the Number tab I set Abb (space) ^H (for Chapter Number)-^#^t. But horror. my image should read Abb 2-1 since was the first image on chapter 2 but instead it reads Abb 1-1. Same goes for images on next chapters which read Abb 1-1 etc.


      What on earth am I doing wrong? I knew it is simple but somehow I am doing something wrong and I cannot figure it out what.


      Please help me.


      Best regards,