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    How do I place on ID a halftone image made in PS and keep the halftone?


      I'm really not finding anything about this, so i'm starting to think I can't do it. I'm using CS5. Here it goes:


      I'm making a magazine layout as a college excercise. I want to use halftone images in one or two ink (some only black, others only cyan, or magenta, or both, etc) for this and I want the halftone to be noticeable but not so big that it turns my photo into an abtract image or a weird Lichtenstein. To try it, I grabbed one of the images in PS, separated the channels in different layers, used the halftone effect and got exactly what I wanted.

      The thing is, when I place it on ID, it looks like... well, really bad. I already tried with High quality display.

      Other things I tried:

      Placing the image as both JPG and PSD. (No difference)

      Exporting (printing) to PDF and looking at the result (really bad).


      I haven't tried printing it on paper yet, but I assume it shouldn't change much, right? And i haven't tried with different dot sizes either, I'm going for that now.


      FYI, this is for single digital printing, and not offset, it won't be sent to a printer.
      Any help, advices or comments will be much appreciated. Any grammar correctiosn will be appreciated to, as english is secon language to me.



      This is the PS image (Screen print kills it a bit)

        And this is the PDF output.