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    toggle pen pressure in flash cc

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      I feel quite foolish, but I cannot find the "pen pressure" or "pen sensitivity" or any setting enabling use of a tablet in Flash CC. I have scoured forums for the past few hours and noticed a lot of issues with tablets not functioning... but I can't find any settings to alter other than "smoothing." In the preferences in Flash under "Drawing" there are no settings. When you select the brush and the properties window appears, there are no options to select pen pressure or tilt. If I'm not mistaken it used to be right under the timeline. Looked like a stylus with a target underneath it and you simply.... clicked it.


      Either I'm dumb or insane, but I wouldn't think this would be an issue. My tablet has all the latest drivers and works fine in other abode software.


      I'm at a loss. Help my Obi Wan, or Adobe Admin, or kind stranger. Whoever you are. I'll bake you some digital muffins.



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          MuffinFace Level 1

          It appears I am both dumb AND insane. I found a solution. Since I'm working on a laptop, the toolbar is scrunched into a strip. When I move it and expand it the tilt and pen pressure options appear.


          Thanks, me. You are great.

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            Thank you for this.  You're not dumb or insane.  I've been looking everywhere for those options and I couldn't find them.  And the Adobe Help file didn't have any images, so I had no idea where they were or what they looked like.  It's weird that they're even in the tool section not in the Brush Shape menu.  I'm on a small Cintiq so they were also collapsed.