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    Flash cc .swf file question

    serenity222 Level 1


      i am at a stuck point on a project I am working on which includes editing a pre built flash player banner in the .swf file format. My problem is I need to change where the links are directing to in the flash banner but have no xpieriance in it. I installed flash cc and noticed it won't let me open a .swf file so I could try and give editing the link a go.


      I Did download so-think swf editor and decompressor with no luck as I don't understand it's mechanics, but really want to be able to find a permanent   solution for future projects to come within the adobe cloud applications I am already working with.


      my question is what are my options for being able to edit swf files do I have to turn them into .fla files and if so how would I do that as I already attempted to simply rename the files .fla instead of .swf but flash cc found problems with that.


      I am very much stuck and am encouraging any guidence I could possibly get to find a resolution to my problem, please help!




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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You cannot edit swf files... they are the result of publishing the fla files that create them.  You need to acquire the fla files and edit and publish them in order to have the swf with the changes.  If you are not able to acquire the fla files then you probably do not have the legal right to use the file.

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