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    Is Premier Elements 12 working on Mac OS 10.9.2?


      I am a professional editor.  My job provides me with a AVID MEDIA COMPOSER.  At home I have a 2008 imac in which I used FCP 6.  Since I upgraded to Maverick, the program is not opening.  The problem, I need to edit a project ASAP.  I am contemplating the Premier Elements as a last minute solution, since the Pro version requires 8GB and mine has only 4. 

      My concern is the fact that I have found people complaining about compatibility problems.  I have OSX version 10.9.2


      Is Premier Elements 12 work on Mavericks? 


      I used 2 cameras.  I will need to match both.  Am I be able to add layers of videos and audios?  Is this program will allow me to isolate the audio of one of the cameras? 


      I ask these questions because I tried to use Imovie and it was a total frustration.  I was hoping premier elements would have a interface similar to the pro version, and would allow me to do precise trims, not approximates like Imovie. 


      Any professional editor out there who could have a word on Elements, the editing and compatibility with Mavericks?