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    help with encoding windows media file


      Hello, I have recently stared using After effects to edit some movies.  Basically I am importing some .wmv videos (with sound), adding some visual effects to them and and want to export them just like they were but with the effects.  After that I will then want to copy the videos to an external hard drive and be able to connect it to a Sony blu ray player and watch them on the tv.  The entire process works fine with the videos before all the editing happens.  But something happens to the audio.  It plays fine on the PC but when I play it through the blu ray player, there is no sound and it says it is"this audio type is not supported."


      My best guess is that it looks like AE wants to encode the audio with Windows Media Audio 10 Professional by default and it's possible that the bluray player can't play that. Does this sound right to you?


      I know you can choose Windows Media Audio 9 and 9.2. for the output but 9 played back in slow motion sound and I'm currently waiting for 9.2 to export.


      Any advice for using another codec like AVI or FLV?  Or maybe something else?


      Thanks so much for any help!!!!