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    Installation Failure for Creative Cloud


      I just tried to install the latest update of Creative Cloud several times. It always stops at 40% when installing the update and gives me a message:

      "Creative Cloud desktop failed to update. (Error code: 1) Contact Customer Support."


      What is going on?

      Why do you people make it so error prone to update? I dread updating Adobe products.


      Seriously I will most likely consider not resubscribing when my subscription expires. Yours is the only product which gives so much trouble.


      I am using Windows XP 8.1 and when it failed the first time, I logged in as administrator and tried again.


      Now of course, I can't do anything with Creative Cloud it just keeps asking me to install now. and fails with the same message.


      So, I uninstalled it and downloaded directly and it still will not install. Now I have no Creative Cloud.

      I killed the background processes AMBSOIE and the update manager and it still will not install.


      What the hell is going on????