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    How to transfer my domain from other host to Bc?


      Hello everybody,


      I have a problem. Before using the Creative Cloud and Business Catalyst I was registered on Squarespace and my domain name is still hosted by Squarespace.

      As a CC subscriber I have five hosted websites included with Bc, so thats why I want to transfer my Squarespace hosted domain name to Bc.


      The Squarespace support gave me a transfer code/ domain authorization code, that I should give to my new host (Bc) so that they can check if the domain name belongs to me.

      Unfortunately nobody of the Bc support team can help me – they don't know about the transfer code and don't know what to do with it.


      I already changed the server names in my domain registration options and I uploaded my Muse build website with Bc, so that its working now. However its still running with Squarespace.


      Is it not possible to transfer the domain from other host directly to Bc? Maybe someone had a similar problem and could help me...

      Meanwhile I'm really desperate.