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    Exporting Sound for Actionscript

    Rothrock Level 5
      I haven't done much with sounds in the past but I'm now faced with some tough questions. I'm trying to keep the sound files as they are and have Flash not touch them.

      I have some sound files made in Audacity. I'm not sure of the exact work flow, but it seems to involve both a PC and a Mac. I'm on a Mac with Flash CS3, publishing to player 8 and AS2.

      The sounds are MP3, according to audacity, 22050Hz, 32bit-float, mono. I don't have the LameLib version number that was used. The file size is 3,056 bytes according to the finder.

      I import to library and check the sound by double clicking it. According to info. It says 22kHz mono 16 Bit. Near the bottom of the window it says, "16kpbs mono 1.3 kB, 50.0% of original." I select to export for Actionscript. And if I publish it with a generate size report it tells me "11KHz Mono 16 kbps MP3" and a size of 2,627 and the finder confirms the file size is 2,849. This is with the "Use imported MP3 quality" box checked.

      So the sound is getting compressed somehow.

      I've tried various combinations of settings. I tried disabling compression, both on the library item and under the fla's publish settings. Strangely enough if I uncheck the "Use imported MP3 quality" and select 32kbps and best, the size report says that it 22kHz 32 kbps MP3 of 3,135.

      This one file is pretty small and I can't really hear much difference between the different versions, but I'm about to undertake a great deal of sound and the publish times and quality issue is probably going to jump out and bite me.

      Can anybody make any sense of this? Anybody have advice on how to make Flash leave the audio along?
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          escargo Level 1
          Did you try unchecking "compress movie" in the publish dialog box? If that is prohibitive because of existing content, you could create a separate FLA for just the MP3 files and uncheck the compress movie.
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            Rothrock Level 5
            I've put away my work for the day, but this gives me something else to try tomorrow. Thanks for the thought.
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              Rothrock Level 5
              I tried that and it doesn't seem to make any difference. Then I thought about what that compress movie does. My understanding is that compress movie uses lossless compression to package up the swf. The player then copies the whole thing across and unpacks it at the other end. Since it is lossless it shouldn't change anything other than the size my finder reports for the file.

              I'm still stuck on why "Use imported MP3 quality" reports in one spot that the file is 50% of size and in the generate size report shows it as 11khz when it is 22khz, and yet that size is reported more like 86% of the original size.

              I just don't know which to believe.