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    kuler colours in hex

      I see you can save a palette and open it in Adobe products but why cant you just see the hex code (#c1f2a3 or whatever) while you are at kuler.com?
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          Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
          Hello, if you select Edit you can view the hex values. If you use the new kuler desktop, you can see the hex values of a theme. The kuler desktop and kuler Dashboard Widget allow you to copy/paste hex values to your clipboard. Sami
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            So you got it all figured out huh? Well where's the Pantone PMS to Hex value converter?

            But if this is a feature I'd love to know where it is.


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              Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
              Hi Will,

              Here are two suggestions if you want Pantone values.

              1. Posted by another kuler talk member:
              This is a long way around, but you can key in the values in Photoshop, then go to the color picker window, and click on "color libraries." Photoshop will pick the closest PMS match.

              2. This is not an upsell push, just information. <smile> If you have Illustrator CS3 you can convert themes to the equivalent Pantone colors using Live Color. The kuler panel in Illustrator (Window>Adobe Labs>kuler) lets you browse or search for a theme on the kuler website, and click to download and add the kuler theme to the Illustrator Swatches panel. Using the Color Guide panel, you can restrict the colors to any color library, which includes all of the Pantone color books, e.g., Pantone Solid Coated. This will provide the Pantone spot equivalents for each of the colors in the kuler theme. Additionally, you can use the Live Color dialog to recolor the theme with Pantone equivalents, again by limiting the color group to a specific Pantone color book.

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                if you are on a mac, download the kuler widget. it ONLY displays the hex values:


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                  If you are on Window/Mac you can also download the kuler desktop application. It is available from the kuler site.

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