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    Pan/Zoom during transitions

    AnalogKid17 Level 1

      (This is a follow-up question to: How to automate pan/zoom ? - That issue itself was solved so I did not want to reopen that thread.)


      Version: Adobe Premiere Elements 12

      OS: Windows 7


      After creating a slideshow from Organizer > Create Slide Show, the pan/zooms are added but they only start after the 2 second transition is finished.


      The result is that the slideshow does not flow as it should.


      If I import the Slide Show in Premiere Elements Editor and open Motion under Applied Effects, I see that in fact the key frames are 2 seconds from the start. I can manually move them 2 seconds back to obtain the desired effect, but that can be tedious for a long slide show.


      Is there a way to set this in batch or to have the slide show creator do it right in the first place ?