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    Working with PM 6.5 files in ID CC


      Last month I became a member of the Creative Cloud Community by purchasing a monthly subscription for the Photoshop & Lr 5 CC package and the ID CC program.

      Later on I succesfully installed these programs on my new desktop computer (which uses Windows 8.1 as operating system).

      The difficulty I am now confronted with is that I have a lot of old PageMaker 6.5 files I would still like to work with on my new pc.

      Would there be any chance of opening these old files in ID CC?

      I read on the Adobe website that the ID CS6 program can be purchased for an indefinite period, say one or two months.

      Could this be a solution for my problem and if so, how much would I have to pay for a subscription of ID CS6 for an indefinite period?