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    URL variable value list with spaces in a value

      I've run out of ideas in how to fix this situation:

      Another application that uses the "plus" sign as a delimiter links to my site with a variable

      called "search" in the URL.

      It seems ColdFusion replaces the "+" sign with spaces before I can get at the variable values from

      the URL. It's only a problem if a value in the list already had spaces, like:

      search=liver+diet and nutrition+eyes

      When I do a cfdump on the variable "search", I get:

      liver diet and nutrition eyes

      Looping through the list with the delimiter "+" or " " or "," displays the same as the dump.

      How can I make the values separated properly by a comma, like:

      liver,diet and nutrition,eyes

      Help! and Thanks.

      Joy: rose;