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    ColdFusion and Portal Development (Portlet Toolkit)

      I realize the Portlet Toolkit released was just a proof of concept, but I was wondering if anyone has actually uses it for ongoing development. I was able to deploy and run the example Portlets on a IBM Portal v6 instance without any issues (since IBM's api's are only deprecated), but I can't figure out how the development process would work.

      To deploy the toolkit war you had to use an Ant script to merge it with the ColdFusion MX 7 war. Given this how would you ever hot deploy and develop in iterations as you normally do today with CF development alone? Would you manually deploy an extracted version of this merged WAR and edit the CFCs on the DEV server itself? Normal portlet development relies on the RAD tool to hot deploy changes in the portlet project to the Portal server so you can code and test with as little interruption as possible.

      If editing the cfcs on the DEV server itself is the only way to develop this seems to make development impractical with CF. Especially if you can't just map a drive out to the DEV server. I'm new to Portlet development but can't see a way to resolve this circumstance. Am I missing something? Any suggestions? Any other thoughts on the concept in general? We have large number of in-house CF developers which far exceed the number of Java Portlet developers and this might be a way to alleviate that problem (at least in the short run).