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    Handling Multiple Separate Sounds

    escargo Level 1
      Using AS 2.0, I've got an existing root timeline with a LOT of existing animation on it and it has a soundtrack as a looping event. Also on the same root timeline are individiual voice over events timed to the animation. Works great as a linear piece, but when adding a button for navigation to go to a specific section, there is no simple way to reinitiate the background music once you issued a stopAllSounds() because the music track trigger event was back in the beginning and not in the new section. If you want to just watch it in a linear form.... and this is what it primarily designed to do, you can put another music track trigger event which would work fine for buttons, but not for playback in linear form as it would trigger two soundtrack events.

      Help would be very much appreciated as I've been trying to build test cases now for hours in separate files and can't come up with a decent solution.