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    How to import 3D models with animation into AE CC?


      Hello guys, for a really, really long time i'm wondering how people do this, let me give you an example of what i exactly mean.


      Let's say that i have a recorded file of myself walking slowly in my room, and i would want to put my model with animation somewhere to my room, let's say that it will be a walking viking, then i walk to him with my camera, to see his face, and then i would go back to see his back.. how to make something like this? I know, explaining isnt my strong side, here is an example video of what i mean After Effects CS6 : Camera track + Ray Tracer + Animated 3D shapes on Vimeo


      I just know that it's possible to import 3D Model into after effects, but not the animation.. only it's possible to rotate/position/scale...etc..


      Maybe it could be done in other programs if not in AE, may i know in what programs then?


      Thank you guys, if you didn't understood, i will try to explain it deeply..