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    Why can't we just launch app from cc panel

    Biz Cat Rich Level 1

      Is it just me or is it glaringly obvious that Adobe could/should allow us to actually launch an app directly from the list of installed apps ion the CC app in our tray? the installed apps are all listed nicely right there, for no other reason as to say its installed.... that's useless because if we have to go back to our desktop or start menu to find them and launch them anyway?


      Seems like a lost cc marketing opportunity as well, all of my installed appps are already listed, If I click on them to open then from there as well my eyes would be on the cc app more which might even make people use the cc tray app more which leads to marketing avenues and education on existing and future products. For example i had no idea behance was attached now... except that it was part of the cc app... think of other possible crossmarketing of adobe apps, and if we could launch appps from the cc app, maybe we would keep it open longer, maybe you integarte the forums and deeper integration with available tutorials etc... just thinking out loud, i see the icon for photoshop and i double click... but it doesn;topen.... i keepdoing though to see if they turn that feature on...