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    Indesign CS4 - Export to PDF - Masterpage elements missing


      After searching this issue it appears that alot of people have had the same problem.  When exporting to pdf two elements are missing from the left page of every spread. One element spans the entire spread and the other is only on the left page.  I have two layers and they are both visible.  I have read over most of the threads on this forum trying to figure it out and am at a dead end.  Any suggestions would help. What I have tried:


      1. File Save As - renaming the file

      2. Export to both INX and IDML

      3. Making the element two separate objects that don't span across the master page

      4. Exporting as spread and not as spread

      5. Changing pdf export settings (almost all of them)

      6. Checked for Indesign Updates...none available


      Any suggestions help. Thank you!!!