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    Republish All

      Hi -
      I've built a WebHelp with Robohelp, and things are going relatively smoothly - considering my newbie status.
      But - I've got one problem - I think I might know the answer, but I'm afraid to try it.

      The images in my webhelp do not appear for a few of my topics (some do, but not many).,
      Turns out the books that I'm having problems with are the ones that I generated first (I think the first time I generated).

      I'm wondering if checking the 'Republish All" checkbox in the Generate wizard would solve my problem - but there's not much documentation on it, and I'm not sure what it does (and I have a deadlie tomorrow - so don't want to 'start from scratch!)

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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Hi Gail

          Here's the thing with the Publish section of the dialog.

          The first time you publish, of course all files are published. But RoboHelp keeps track of date/time stamps and just like Sinter Klaus, knows who was bad and who was good and who was updated and therefore needs to be sent to their room. (the server)

          Soooo, the next time you generate and publish, only the files in need of being pushed to the server are published.

          As you see, you have a "Republish all" option. Don't be afraid of using it. What it will do is force RoboHelp to ship all the components of the WebHelp system to the server again. As everything WebHelp needs is on your hard drive, it will basically mirror what is in your WebHelp output folder on the server. This is a good thing to do if you are ever in doubt as to whether the files on the server may be missing or whatnot.

          Hope this helps... Rick
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            GailK1226 Level 1
            Hi Rick -
            Thanks for the help.
            I 'Republished All" and nothing untoward happened (Phew!)
            Unfortunately my missing topics did not appear either.
            Ah well - I'm sorely tempted to manually copy them to the correct directory.

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              MergeThis Level 4
              Are these images appearing if you view the generated output on your local machine?

              If so, simply empty the folder on the server and publish afresh.

              If not, you need to identify exactly where the images are, and provide the exact path in your image call. (If RH expects a file to be somewhere specific, and it's not there, it won't go find it on its own.)

              Good luck,