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    Photoshop App for Android...


      Photoshop for Android does not satisfy my need for creation. I would rather use Photoshop on Windows rather than use Photoshop for Android. The Android Version does not let me do what I want to do. Rather, I can do almost anything on the Windows Version. Would it be possible to make the app more like the actual windows program? Would it eventually be possible to be able to do things that can be done in the actual windows software? When I look to Photoshop, I think of being able to create a business card, a post card, an invitation, edit photos, doing whatever I want to do. When I see the app, it lets me down and tells me that I cannot do what I want to do. It tells me that in order to do what I would like to do, I must have a Windows Computer or a Mac in order to accomplish my task(s). I am looking forward to new innovations and new products/product updates. I would like to see Adobe Photoshop be Adobe Photoshop and not just another simple photo editor, like all the other Android apps for Free. I would rather get a Free app that edits photos, instead of paying for an app. I pay for apps that stand out and that tell me that you can do stuff with me that you can't do with other apps because I am different, I am not like the others. Thanks!!

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          Warunicorn Adobe Community Professional

          Baby steps, my friend. As a mobile image editor, PS Touch is excellent, IMHO. It wasn't meant to compete with desktop Photoshop.


          Keep also in mind that mobile devices, being what they are, are much less powerful than that desktop with 32 GB of RAM (or more). That's by design as they have to strike a balance between power and portability.


          That being said, Microsoft's Surface Pro tablets can do desktop Photoshop but the biggest complaint there is that the UI's icons look too small. (That and battery life is always a factor. See above.)

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            Stickboy.1 Level 1

            I agree with you Warunicorn. As a mobile image editor, PS Touch is excellent or is the best that I have seen so far. Yes, mobile devices have come a long ways but they are still far from running a full fledge program like the desktop photoshop. I do agree with battery life...The more demanding a program is, the faster it drains the battery. With Microsoft Surface Pro Tablets, I would not use one even if it was able to use the full fledge program. I do not like Windows 8 at all. I just do not have a thing for putting two OSs together and having twice as many settings as before. I am just looking for an app that is most like the computer version and just have not found it yet. I might just be ahead of the game a bit, yet?!