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    photoshop loosing files


      My daughter has lost all her final versions of work for her exam

      She has photoshop 11, back up on external hard drive and two  systems on two separate laptops, windows 7 which she reverted to when photoshop kept closing in new windows 8

      we re-installed photoshop twice

      we have windows defender virus check

      she pressed save and save as as she went along

      half the files from two days of work disappeared

      we tried to get them back and simply clicking save deleted another file in front of our eyes

      the lock sign has spontaneously appeared on some

      the technical expert from the university has tried to get them and unable to, we have used special soft ware to look in temporary, temporary deleted, recycle, deleted/deleted

      she has some print outs to scan in and size up for some of the projects but obviously its poor quality

      some other students on her course have suffered similar loss

      This is as serious problem and they are doing all nighters to try and recover from to get in for deadline, despite worried parents saying not t do so!

      Is any one at all able to help

      Any thoughts welcom