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    Missing Values in DateTimeAxis chart

      Well, there's actually 2 problems I've seen right now.

      the 1st one is that when using a DateTimeAxis, the points on the linecharts are not aligned correctly to the date on the horizontal axis, as shown here
      http://code.ericfeminella.com/apollo/alpha1/apiReference/combined/mx/charts/DateTimeAxis.h tml

      if you look at the graph, you can see that they're too much on the right.

      The other question I got has to do with missing values.

      if have something like {date:01/01/07, value:10}, {date:01/01/07, value:10}, {date:01/01/08, value:20}, {date:01/01/10, value:30}

      how can I make it so that 01/01/09 automatically be of 0 value instead of being interpolated?