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    Video display with Flex

      Hi everyone, this is my first time here.
      The first thing i want to say is "please, forgive my english, present or future mistakes, i'll try my best to explain everything i want to say"

      Here is my problem: I encoded and deinterlaced videos in DV codec using Adobe Premiere 6.0, then i encoded these videos in Flash On2 VP6 Data rate 700 kbps and audio MP3 128 kbps (i tell you all the informations i have =p ) using Flash 8 Video Encoder.
      The thing is, when i play them with a player i found on the net : FLV Player 1.3.3 the display is ok but when the file is played with an application the society i work in developped, it's like i never deinterlaced the video: moves = lines around the characters (i call it brush effect).
      Now i can recode the videos, deinterlace them a second time with another software and it works but it's a loss of time and i'd like to know if the problem comes from the flash player used in Flex or if i should change Adobe Premiere. Has anybody encountered this kind of problems and resolved it?

      thank you for your answers, hope you can understand my message (reads it for the third time but doesn't see any mistakes)

      *It's like we're dreaaaaaaming*