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    Swatches and object movement bugs


      Hi all, I'm having trouble with InDesign CC. I'm on a MacBook Pro running Mavericks and I have the latest InDesign CC version. There are two problems I have:


      1) Selecting a swatch doesn't work. All the swatches are there, I can scroll, click, make new swatches, edit swatches, etc. But when I select text or a box and click on a swatch to change colors, it doesn't work and my computer makes an error sound. I CAN, however, drag a swatch to an object and it will change color — but that doesn't work for text. I can also change color manually (the fill/color picker), but I can't select any swatch at all.


      2) Whenever I click on an object (box, text frame, etc.), it "jumps." This is hard to describe — I click to select the object, then there's about a one second delay, then the object kinda stutters and jumps a few pixels in any given direction. My trackpad doesn't seem to be malfunctioning because it works normally in all of my other apps.


      To attempt to fix these, I've tried the obvious solutions of rebooting and uninstalling/reinstalling InDesign, both to no avail. Any suggestions?