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    Flash CS4 crashes when publishing big SWF that previously were working fine


      Hi all,

      This is driving me crazy, I tried looking into Adobe FAQs and other places inside this site but cant find a good solution to this, in fact I found people asking the same issue. The fact is Im making a game that after being published is 7Mb SWF, this was working great and in fact I havent made any critical change there, only updated a text field with a typo (no code), then when I tried to publish it crashed (other big games I made are making Flash crash too), and crashes the same when hitting CTRL+ENTER or just selecting File>>Publish or File>>Publish settings>>Publish, I reinstalled the whole CS4 6 or 7 times and even got a tool from here to uninstall the player (I thought it uninstalled the player used from IDE but its apparently the browser plugin) asuming the issue could be there but still keeps crashing after I re-install it, oddly small FLA files can be published, I looked into CS5 faqs and I have seen they can set the cache size there but I cant find in CS4, and Im unsure if is due to that but just my guess after all I read about this, could someone help me please? Thanks a lot beforehand, I have been fighting this for 4 days almost sleepless

      Im only using as2 code in these projects I meantioned, and I have Windows Vista on this machine, just if this helps to solve it, again, thanks for any clue

      Edit: Im unsure if this is the right section or not, please receive my apologies if its wrong place as maybe this is intended for only code doubts but I couldnt find the right section to ask it so please move it to the appropiate place when you can and Im sorry for the trouble