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    Animation codec spatial resolution

    Qwert11334 Level 1

      I'm looking to compress a video (footage+animation) down to just beyond YT's upload limit of 128GB. I've calculated that a spatial resolution of 60 with QT's animation codec will help me achieve this, resulting in an 80GB file. An alternative is to render at 100% spatial res, generating a 170GB file and compressing via H.264 (with high bitrate) 


      Which method would result in a higher quality video? 

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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It's usually recommended to create your video in h.264 using the Adobe Media Encoder to match the specs YouTube requests. (Check their help pages for exact info.) Render a lossless file out of AE and use that in the AME to make your final file. This way you can test a few different settings without having to re-render your whole comp again.