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    Can I update ADE Ver 1.7.2 to Ver 3.0 on my XP notebook and will the books automatically transfer.


      I would like to update from ADE 1.7.2 to version 3.0 but am hesitating because, although the notebook is still working fine, its is using Windows XP and I am not sure if Ver 3.0 works under XP.  My second cause for concern is whether my current books will automatically transfer to Ver 3.0 or will I have to reload them and will I run into any authorization problems.


      If it is not a good idea to update on my XP notebook, can I load version 3.0 on my laptop (running Vista) and/or my desktop (running Windows 7) and use the same Adobe ID?  I currently have the notebook, a sony reader and a kobo reader authorized.