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    FDS fill method problem


      I have a requirement in which i can able to search for data, display on a grid check some rows, press delete button, it will get deleted from DB and the remaining items are shown on screen. Since its a soft delete function that happens in another DB schema, wat am doing is to call ds.fill() on search, and to call an RPC like ro.deleteItems(ArrayCollection). and then again ds.fill(). But its throwing some error saying null object reference. But it works fine if i click the search button again, which displays the remaining record. Please help me to solve this issue. From console i came to know that the data is returned to the Flex side, but its not displaying in the grid. Please help me out in this issue... am stuck now :( Thanks in Advance.
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          Vyshak Level 1
          hello... anybody out ter to help me? my code segment goes lik this...

          // ds is the id for DataService and rpc is the id for RemoteObject.

          rpc.delete(deleteSE); //deleteSE is an ArrayCollection

          ds.fill(AC,VO); // AC is the DP for Datagrid. VO is the parameter passed to bring AC according to some conditions

          this brings the contents back but an action script error is thrown and the datagrid is not getting updated.

          please help me...