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    Jquery zoom plugin that shows images above the zoomed image on mouse rollover


      Hi all, after much effort and help from this forum I've managed to get a zoom effect to work on my image. It needed to be a loupe effect like this - http://www.dailycoding.com/Posts/imagelens__a_jquery_plugin_for_lens_effect_image_zooming. aspx


      This is the plugin I've used.


      Problem now is that I need images to appear above the image on mouse rollover. Currently - if I place images above this image and place my cursor over the image the zoom effect works but it ignores the images placed on top and just zooms in on the image shown below.


      I would be very appreciative of anyone who can help me with this issue.



      I wondered if it was possible to stop the jquery zoom plugin working when I mouseover the image on top of the map. Maybe that would be a solution?