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    Rendering for DVD and BluRay for playback on unkown devices

    Pierre Devereux Level 2



      We have a few pitches for our project that I am rendering out for various end sources. Youtube and Vimeo, DVD and BluRay versions too. I have the project in Premier (having rendered out JPEG2000 DIT's) and then use AME to do the exports. I make use of the templates that come with AME, and change the settings to "Highest quality" and render at maximum depth etc.


      Once done, I use Encore to DVD or BluRay (as needed). The strange thing is, If I then watch the disk on my PC (through Cyberlink PowerDVD - which is what I happen to have on the PC), on a PS3 plugged into a tv, or my DVD player at home on my TV - they all look very very different.


      On my PC, everything looks great - the sound is good and I dont see any problems (I noticed a slight colour shift towards blue, but I did get a warning that windows 7 had a problem and had to change its colour scheme) - This is for both the DVD and Bluray (DVD shifted towards orange actually)

      On the PS3 - either the sound comes out terrible, on the BluRay, or the DVD video seems to start pixelating half way through

      On my DVD player at home (Obviously for the DVD only) it plays 100% and looks quite clean. In fact, I took a few of the Youtube renders we had, burned them directly to DVD as a test, and watching on my PC - they looked Shocking, but playing that same disk on my DVD player at home, I was quite impressed with the quality on the screen.


      The reason for this question, is we are going to send this pitch out, and we need it to be received as well as possible - but how on earth, am I going to be able to render something out, and know that whoever picks it up when it arrives will play it on a device that will play correctly? Because it is a pitch, we have no control over who sees it, and on what device.


      Now, I already think I know the answer to this one, but is there a "best render codec type" that is suggested by you guys who have had much more experience that I should be using when sending something out to an unknown device via DVD?


      Thanks for your time,


      Pierre Devereux