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    Errors and version conflicts. Getting back to 1.5

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      You might encounter a problem that files made in versions 1.0 - 2.0+ , while opening in 3.0 will return a error and wont work:


      Edge Animate - Exception 

      An error occurred. Please save your work and restart Edge Animate


      Also you will get consistent error:


      An error occurred. please save your work and restart edge animate.


      Developers know about it, but haven't fixed it yet.

      forum: https://forums.adobe...6387601#6387601


      First fix that didnt help me is to change localhosts file:

      forum: https://forums.adobe...6111911#6111911


      Second fix that didnt help me is to reset adobe edge animate settings:

      forum: http://helpx.adobe.c...ge-animate.html


      So what can we do about it?

      1) Uninstall version 3.0

      !!! you HAVE to do it with adobe edge uninstaller !!!

      if you do it any other way adobe installer wont allow you to install an earlier version.


      2) Download version 1.5

      You can get it here http://html.adobe.co...nimate/faq.html link is below Pricing & Availability, and you have to be logged in to adobe cloud (at least with a trial account)


      forum: https://forums.adobe...message/5745316


      3) Install 1.5

      If you uninstalled 3.0 the right way – shouldnt be a problem. If there is a problem – see 1).


      4) Open your file in 1.5

      If your file is made in a version newer than 1.5, edge animate will error that while opening. To fix that you should go to you project folder and find a ".js" file that ends with "_edge.js"


      For example if youк project is named "website", file would be "website_edge.js"


      Then find and replace lines to match this:


      version: "1.5.0",

      minimumCompatibleVersion: "1.5.0",

      build: "",


      Should work now.