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    Cineware and ambient occlusion, works sometimes and sometimes not?

    Snakedogman Level 2

      Hey people I'm just trying to test some Cineware functionality in AE and I've run across a problem.

      I'm trying to get ambient occlusion to show up in Cineware but I'm not getting consistent results. I've had three different results so far:


      1. ambient occlusion turned on in C4D, shows up in AE/Cineware both in the normal (non-multipass) render and as a seperate multipass image if I select it.

      2. ambient occlusion turned on in C4D but it only shows up in the non-multipass image in Cineware, but the multipass shows just a white image

      3. ambient occlusion turned on in C4D but it doesn't show at all in Cineware


      Right now I'm stuck with the last scenario where it doesn't show at all no matter what I do. Even though an hour ago I definitely saw it working with the same settings (I believe)!


      I'm running the latest versions of C4D (Broadcast) and AE CC on Windows 7 64bit.

      I've tried opening and closing AE and C4D, purging all memory, re-saving project files and re-importing them.

      I have set the Cineware settings to point to the full C4D app (not the Cineware renderer)


      Does anyone have any idea what's going on? User error or should I file a bug report?