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    Eyedropper colour selection bug in CC

    Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

      I'm interested in some others' experiences to see if I've found a legitimate bug.


      I've found on every Mac I have running current AE CC that the eyedropper tools, within plugins and the text tool, for example, cannot accurately sample colours outside of the main viewer.


      So, for example, iin the pic below, I am using the eyedropper from the Character Pallette to select colour from my main viewer.  Works just fine.







      But if I use the same Character Pallete eyedropper to sample the current colour in an effect window, I get all sorts of erratic colours which change with every pixel the eyedropper touches.  See here:






      This seems to be occurring with any colour selection that happens outside of the main composition  viewer pane.


      Anybody able to reproduce this?