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    Indesign (IDML file) Viewer using HTML5 and Javascript


      I’m working on IDML file automation. My requirement is to showcase an IDML template in an HTML5 editor.

      I have a simple TextFrame with Hello World text. I saved the file as: sample.idml. Then, I unzipped sample.idml and got a few files. Went to the stories folder and opened: story_d8.xml.

      Since I’m a developer, I did this using Java and exposed the file path as a REST call. The biggest stopping point is: the jQuery/AngularJS script is saying: invalid file.

      Can someone suggest options to address the points below:

      1. Get Content data using JavaScript (jQuery/AngularJS)
      2. Put "Demo Hello" in the Content and regenerate story_d8.xml (using JavaScript)
      3. Is this the correct approach? Are there alternative to this approach?