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    Record Audio in mp3 file format using FMS

    Ketan Thakkar

      I am Recording Audio Using FMS which will record Audio file in FLV File Format default But I like to Record in MP3 File Format. Is it Possible.


      And I also Record Video In MP4 File Format using h264 encode. Which Give me Video File in MP4 File Format but When i will try to play that MP4 File it Didn't play. So, I post-processed video with a tool called F4V Post Processor. Now That MP4 Video File Play But Didn't Give me Sound in that Video.


      My Code is:


              var h264Settings:H264VideoStreamSettings = new H264VideoStreamSettings();

              h264Settings.setProfileLevel(H264Profile.MAIN, H264Level.LEVEL_3);

              ns.videoStreamSettings = h264Settings;



      I search Lot but didn't get the solution. So, Please Give me Solution for Both thing.