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    I have had a bad experience with Kobo stores trying to purchase and download a book


      It took 4 hours to sort this problem with on-line help. Brilliant on-line assistance by KOBO, by the way.

      I do not wish to repeat this experience. I am looking for an alternative ebook store - like ebooks.com. However, I have become wary now and would need this question answered conclusively before I 'try again':

      If I download a book from ebooks.com in PDF format to my PC, can I transfer this book to my Kobo Mini reader which accepts only epub - but I could convert using Calibre - as well as also download it to the KOBO reader of my wife.

      In other words, if I download an ebook onto my PC can I share this book with to ereader and also to my wife's ereader?

      I would appreciate a definite and reliable answer....like YES or NO, thanks!

      Kind Regards