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    Client really pissed off ! Subscription renewal not working !


      Last week, I got a notice that my payment did'nt go through on my CC for my Captivate 7 subscription.


      It gave me a notice to update my payment info which I did.


      Next thing I know, I get a message that my subscription has expired ! So I go through the process again, $1.50 is debited on my CC ( twice ) and yet, it's not working !


      I called the support/sales service to be only transfered in India. The guy speaks a terrible english and tell me after waiting 20 minutes that I cannot renew my licence and that I have to

      purchase another one.


      Ok fine !


      That doens't work either beacuse I can only purchase Captivate 8 now !! All the files I produce must be in Captivate 7 ! NOT 8 !!


      Call back again....


      Speak to another Indian gentleman... He cannot find my account and he tell me in a rude way that the credentials I'm giving him are not good. Hey buddy ! I'm logged in as we speak with what I gave you.


      After fiddling for 10-15 minutes, he comes back on the phone to tell me that I don't have a Captivate Subscription ! I decide to just hang hup !


      Call back again...


      A lady find my account after struglling again, this time with her computer apparently !l


      She tells me that I have to wait 24 hours before my account is reinstated. It clearly says 15 minutes on the popup window when I start the software !!


      Now !


      I'm out of the software I need and nobody at Adobe can resolve my problem !


      Transfering support calls to India is not a good way to do business. Adobe, you are shooting yourself in the foot !!

      Can someone take care of my problem at Adobe ???