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    datagridcolumn visible=false acting weird

      Hi everybody!

      I have problems with a few columns that shows up again when I do send to the httpService that is the dataProvider to the datagrid. The stay hidden if I use a repeater, but not when I use the httpService. I downloaded the hotfix hoping for a solution, but that didn't not solve it.

      Is there a work around, or do I have to wait for next hotfix?
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          BLXWebMaster Level 1
          I have experienced several issues with this issue. Although the latest version addressed most of them, there seems to be certain instances where it still happens.

          Try this.

          Create a function like.
          public function setHiddenColumns():void {
          LastActivityDate.visible = false;
          OwnerName.visible = false;

          Then call the function on CreationComplete and after your remote object result.

          Also, I have noticed some different results with how your DataGrid columns are ordered in your code. Try putting a field that is always visible as the last column. So, make sure you don't have a hidden column as your last column. It fixed my issue.