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    Pop up box for printing a certain page a certain amount

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      I have made a PDF form in which one page that is filled out makes 2 different labels on 2 different pages my only concern is that one of the fields in the first page controls how many of the labels will be printed off and sometimes we have problems of missing labels or we fill out the order sheet but we won't need that many labels at that time and I was planning on adding some more buttons to print off everything individually because that all go to different printers.


      So I would have one button that prints everything off with the quantity set by one of the fields and then one of each page so one for the order sheet then one for the first label and one for the second.


      I was wondering if on the label print buttons that I could make a pop up box asking the amount that is being wanted to print off incase any labels go missing and more are needed of only a certain amount is going to be printed out at that point in time.


      Is there any way of doing this as I do not have much page space left and I would like to avoid putting quantity boxes on the page for 2 of the buttons.