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    Multiple approvals on mobile devices




      We are currently working on streamlining a search warrant process used when obtaining a blood sample in felony drunk driving cases.  There are certain criteria that have to be met which keeps this from being a simple solution.  The basic current flow is as follows:


      1. The officer fills out the search warrant which is then notarized and scanned into a .pdf
      2. The .pdf's are embedded into a Word .doc that is secured, using a password matrix, and forwarded to the prosecutor.
      3. The Prosecutor approves the .doc using a digital signature macro (.jpeg file) that is forwarded to the judge in the same manner (password protected .doc)
      4. The judge signs in the same manner and forwards the .doc to the police officer who serves the warrant.


      So here is what the judges want:


      • The ability to sign using any device.  They prefer their I-PAD's moreso than anything, but want the ability to sign via their smart phone.
      • The document still needs to be password protected when sent so before it goes a password must be chosen based off a Matrix that has been created.  For instance column C Row 4 would equal = A1b2c34567....


      I know there are more advanced ways to satisfy this, including Echo sign.  But this is a new/uncharted area that has limited funds.


      Any suggestions?