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    No layer tab

    Franck Payen MVP & Adobe Community Professional

      I was a bit surprised, when starting a UI project, made of only vector shapes in Photoshop, and 2 layer comps, hiding some layer effects.


      When i uploaded it to Project Parfait, it opened without any warning, but i only had the styles tab, no layer or asset tab.

      I also had access to the selection of items, and the "generate assets", but without the assets tab, it turned out useless.


      So, back to Ps, i tried adding a basic pixel layer, with no change.


      Then i remembered being in a browser, and with web inspector, i could see :

      <a id="psdLayersTab" data-toggle="tab" class="disabled details-tab">Layers</a>


      I even set the missing tabs/panels as active and was able to export my data…


      Let me know to which address i send the CC file link (not on this public forum)